Map & Geolocation

Across the whole world, discover the geolocation of the professional members of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs


This reworked and redesigned version of the Chaîne's Professional Members Guide will let you localize all the establishments where our Pro members are in activity.

Each establishment is located by a marker positionned at it's address. At low levels of zoom, when too many markers would clutter the screen, they are grouped into clusters, each cluster indicating the number of markers grouped. Use your mouse wheel, or click on a cluster, to change the zoom level.

An establishment's type of business is represented by different styles and colours of markers, to help you identify more easily: all hotel related businesses have a specific marker, just as the restaurants, and alcohol and wine related businesses do.

By clicking on the checkbox accompanying one of the new business types, you are able to filter the map so that only the relevent businesses are shown.


Two possibilities of searching for specific businesses

You have two possibilities of searching for specific businesses: either by entering an address, or part of an address, in the first of the two input boxes at the top left of the window. This one is called a geographical search, as the map will zoom in and centre on the location you are researching, and display all members present in that area.

The second box, the Establishment name search box, allows you to set a search for all businesses whose name includes the word(s) you have entered.

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